As a leading OEM/ODM Audio/Video products manufacturer with more than 10 years experience,  RAYLAM is keen on working as partners with both suppliers and clients.  Taking the advantages of advanced management, plus efficient team-work, we have achieved capacity of 100K only under 3 finish goods assembly lines and around 100 workers.


RAYLAM has been putting quality on top priority since its foundation, and we strongly believe only stable and high quality can maintain long-term partners worldwide. From supplier selection to IQC control, from excellent quality system to strong QA staffs and strict OQC control, we have been gaining more and more clients worldwide and sincere compliments from customers as well.  Our philosophy is not to promote before products maturing, and to be completely honest and transparent with customers.

At this special time of tough global situation, RAYLAM believes that opportunities always accompany challenges. Taking the advantages of our skilled, high-efficient and harmonious RAYLAM team, we are definitely confident that we can grasp the great opportunity and leave the challenges to our competitors. Hopefully you can be one of our partner at your market, we will strive to help you win more and more market share by close cooperation, you will not be let down.